Thursday, November 9, 2017

Creative November Challenge Day #9: Still life

As we get older, we define happiness less in terms of excitement and more in terms of peacefulness.
- Sheryl Sandberg, Plan B

I bought this small succulent a few days ago and set it on the table in my office to create a tiny oasis of stillness in the midst of work chaos. I enjoy pausing from to time to breathe deeply and admire it. The practice helps keep me calm and grounded, whatever's going on around me.

I think Sheryl Sandberg’s right when she says that, with age, peacefulness becomes more important than excitement. I still enjoy life's whirlwinds from time to time, but what I yearn for most these days is peace and quiet. I never seem able to get enough of them.

Which may be why I enjoy participating in running events much less than I used to. I register for a few races a year to motivate myself to train regularly but the truth is - except that it would mean missing out on the bling - I'd usually prefer to skip the events themselves. It's the training I enjoy most.

Given that, I've been wondering lately if it's time I gave up racing altogether and instead focused on treating running as a form of meditation - an opportunity to quiet my thoughts, listen to my body, notice the world around me, and find more of that peace and quiet I yearn for.  It's something to think about for sure.  


  1. Peacefulness. Exactly. We don't get enough of it. Running as meditation, you've just nailed something for me.

  2. I tried to comment on your first blog in this series when I was away but was having technical difficulties. I finally got around to reading all nine tonight. They are great; on point and inspirational. Looking forward to reading more!