Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Creative November Challenge Day #21: Struggling

Halifax Seaport Market just after sunset

I'm having a hard time with this challenge. It seems that most days I can find time for photography or writing, but not both. 

Today, I'd hoped to head out for a photowalk well before sunset but got stuck at work later than planned and missed the best light. As a result, most of the photos I took were grainy and far too dark. I like the composition of this one but not much else.

My objective when I headed to the waterfront was to photograph this recently installed monument celebrating women who volunteered during World War II. I'd hoped to capture it with the colours of the setting sun behind it but had to make do with the illumination provided by floodlights. The monument consists of three sculptures. Much as I like the sentiment behind them, I can't say I like them much.  

Directly behind it is another monument celebrating immigrants who came to Canada via Pier 21. I've always loved the energy of this one and the floodlights do a better job of highlighting the central figure.

Here's hoping my efforts bear more interesting fruit tomorrow.   

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