Monday, November 6, 2017

Creative November Challenge Day #6: Under construction

Now that the time has changed, it's dark by the time I leave the office and, to make matters worse, there's construction everywhere so it's almost impossible to get a photo downtown without a crane or scaffolding in it.

After work, I headed for the sea bridge, which was built this summer to connect the two ends of the waterfront while Queen's Marque is under construction. I'd hoped to shoot the construction site from the water side but discovered the bridge was closed so only managed to grab a few shots before catching the ferry home.

Technically, the images are poor, but I hope they capture a little of the mood at least.

Our elected politicians and developers assure us we should be thrilled by all the construction but I can't help feeling the price is too high - that too much of our built heritage is being lost. Halifax is one of North America's oldest cities but, walking through downtown, you wouldn't know it. Many of the graceful old buildings that once lined the main streets have been replaced with glass skyscrapers of dubious architectural value. Here's hoping the people buying the hundreds of new condos actually live in them.

Of course, it may be I'm just grumpy because I liked the old version of Halifax - a city to which I could imagine returning one day, if the charms of country living ever begin to wane. The  brighter and shinier version doesn't hold the same appeal. It's far too cold and antiseptic - not to mention expensive.

Ah's hoping the soul of our shabby little city somehow survives all this.

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  1. I would love to get inside the fence on construction sites. I'm sure there is great art to be had there.
    Your comments about the change and loss of historical buildings can be applied to Calgary as well, albeit on a shorter time scale. You might find the photos at this link of interest.