Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Creative November Challenge Day #15: Past imperfect

I was too tired to write when I got home from work last night. Four day weeks often feel hard because I end up trying to cram five days' worth work into them, and I headed home later than usual because of a late afternoon meeting. Fortunately, I had my camera with me so I was at least able to capture a few image.

I prefer the colours and composition of the image above, but the image below is the more evocative for me. I took it while walking from my meeting to the ferry. Normally, I prefer to walk outside along the waterfront boardwalk, but it was cold and windy enough that I opted to take the pedway that connects Purdy's Wharf to the Marriott Hotel, then make my way through the hotel to Historic Properties instead.

It amazes me how memories come flooding back when I visit places I haven't been in awhile. The Marriott is such a place. Over the years, I've attended numerous conferences and special events there, including a memorable black tie fundraising dinner as the guest of an old friend, but I rarely have reason to go there now. Walking through the foyer last night, I found myself remembering that dinner and how much fun I had. I so enjoyed getting dressed up, chatting with our fellow attendees, and going dancing after. The memory still makes me smile, though that particular friendship hasn't withstood the test of time.

It's interesting to think about which memories get stored and why. There was nothing especially remarkable about that dinner - other than that I attended it with a friend who's no longer a friend. How can I have almost no memories of some people and events and such poignant memories of others? Why it is so challenging to recall the details of a deceased loved one's face, yet so difficult to erase memories I'd as soon forget?

I think I'd like the power to edit my memories - to decide which to preserve and for how long. My perceptions of the past would be no less imperfect, of course, but at least they'd be imperfect in ways of my choosing.

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  1. I am a little freaked out here. Today I was doing a photo ramble on Prince's Island, near downtown. There were some lovely frosty bushes shots. On the Island is a Canada 150 thingie. I'd not seen it yet, but as I was walking towards it, I was thinking of shooting it from the back. Really. Only I'd have been standing on ice of uncertain thickness in the lagoon so I didn't. Your Canada 150 thingie is prettier than ours. Memories are the number of associations to other memories times the number of times it's recalled, with some exceptions.