Saturday, November 3, 2012

Race Report: Bacchus 10k Fun Run - Muir Murray Estate Winery

All the running Husband's been doing this fall culminated in us heading to Wolfville this morning to participate in the Muir Murray Estate Winery's Bacchus 10k Fun Run. And fun it was. Upon registration, we were handed plastic wine glasses and advised to carry them with us during the race! Ya gotta love a race that involves carrying wine glasses.

Though it was a cool foggy morning, the sun was breaking through as we started to run and the views of the dyke lands that border Wolfville were lovely.  (I didn't take my phone with me so don't have pictures of my own to share unfortunately but here's a link to a lovely photo taken by my friend last fall.) 

At three points on the course, we were offered glasses of white, rose and red wine in turn and we took full advantage of the opportunity to catch our breath, sample some wine, and savour the view.

Despite the wine breaks (or, perhaps, because of them!), we covered the distance is just under an hour. Afterwards, we enjoyed more wine (this time served in souvenir wine glasses we were invited to take home with us), yummy snacks, and live music provided by Swig, a local band.  The icing on the cake was running into two of our favourite people - Kathleen and Jody - who'd come over the mountain from Chester Grant to run the 5k.

A fellow runner kindly offered to take a picture of us together as we were loading up to head to the pub to meet another friend for lunch at the Port Pub in Port Williams. 

A great day all in all, and I'd certainly recommend the Bacchus Fun (Wine) Run to anyone. Just be warned that this is a true "fun" run.  There's no big sendoff, no official time, and no finisher's medal. Just wine, music, funny yellow hats, souvenir wine glasses and some gorgeous scenery. 


  1. Wine. During a 10 K. Under an hour yet. Hmmm, even though I'm not fond of wine in a plastic glass.

    1. Yeah. It was fun! I'm not crazy about wine in plastic glasses either but they were much easier to carry than glass would have been.

  2. You are most welcome to use any photos, Jan. I didn't know about the run or I would have been around, and taken some shots of you. Next time...! (Glad you had such a good time.)

  3. Next time, we'll bring you a wineskin! (Doesn't exactly enhance the bouquet, though.) Thanks for using a photo, Jan, and always feel free. I have some vineyard photos, though not many taken recently. I do have a winter Muir Murray that has been a bit popular. You'd need hot cider to run for that one. Keep in touch!