Friday, November 9, 2012

NaNoWriMo - Day #8

Gawd, I'm tired.

Nano, Day 8 yesterday and I'm only slightly behind in my word count. So far, so good. Only 22 days to go. Grooooooan!!

Last night, I finally finished a scene I began on day 2, which felt great. Unfortunately, I realized just as I was finishing it that I'd accidentally created an inconsistency with a later scene so I now have a bunch of rewriting to do as well!  

I'm discovering that writing a novel is a bit like playing Concentration (a card game that involves remembering the location of cards laid face down on a table), assembling a puzzle, and participating in improvisational theatre all at the same time. It's a little crazy-making - but fun too!

Unfortunately, between all the writing and other commitments, I haven't had much time for running this week but I hope to remedy that starting tomorrow morning. Husband's away this weekend so I should have plenty of time for writing, running and riding my motorcycle.

Of course, I'll also be participating in the local Remembrance Day activities. Here on the east coast of Canada, where nearly everyone has a connection to someone who served in the military, Remembrance Day is taken seriously. On Sunday morning at 11:00, a significant proportion of Nova Scotians will assemble at cenotaphs around the province to remember those who've sacrificed so much and listen to recitations of In Flanders Fields.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone, but don't forget to remember all those men and women - soldiers and civilians alike - who have lost their lives to conflict.

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  1. I love you description of writing a novel - it really is all those things thrown into the hat, isn't it, Janice! Fun, fun, fun.

    And you know what I'm going to say about rewriting...Don't do it!! Make a note somewhere and keep going - it's a slippery slope once you start going back and 'fixing'! Some people use index cards - one for each scene they're writing - scratch some notes on it that will remind you of who's in that scene, major development, etc and then when you have an aha moment on that scene while writing another, you can note it on your index card for when you do start re-writes.

    I, personally, just use a notebook and scribble down my thoughts/aha moments - I should use the cards, that sounds very organized and writerly-like ;)

    Off to see if I have any cards. And I will be taking a moment's silence at 11:00 on the 11th of November!