Thursday, November 22, 2012

NaNoWriMo - Day #22

Before I start whining, let me start with some positive stuff. The weather's been amazing this week! Sun, sun and more sun - not exactly normal for November in Halifax but I'm not complaining. I love hanging out on the upper deck when I take the ferry to work in the morning. This view never gets old.  

In addition, husband's been diligently extending the hearth in front of the fireplace in town so a new wood-burning insert can be installed tomorrow.  Everyone in our little family loves sitting by a wood fire when the temperature dips so we're excited about the upgrade - especially our youngest cat, Nemmie. 

I've had good runs this week as well. I went for a lovely 6k around the lake Tuesday night and another fabulous 9k tonight. The weather's been perfect for running and my legs are feeling good so I almost feel ready to get back to serious training. I dipped my toe in the water tonight by running a few hills but I need to sit down this weekend and prepare a proper training schedule for my first race in 2013 - the Hypothermic Half in February.

Now, the whining about NaNo. I hit a bit of a wall last night. My story, which seemed to be humming along quite nicely - with interesting, complex characters and a more or less logical plot - suddenly morphed into a steaming, twisted wreck of irrational motivations and "plot-holes". Needless to say, I fell bed into feeling quite sorry for myself. Things looked a bit brighter this morning when I dreamt up a plot twist that just might get me out of the soup but only time will tell if it works.

Incidentally, one of the interesting things about this first foray into novel-telling is how nervous I am about sharing the darker parts of the story. I suppose it's because I'm reluctant to let anyone know I'm capable of such dark thoughts.  But I am writing a murder mystery after all, and murder mysteries are supposed to be dark, so I know I need to get over it.

In case you think I'm exaggerating, here are links to two true stories that inspired my imaginary one. The first is a case from the US. A young woman is suing the owners of Model Mayhem alleging they knew the site was being used by two men to lure women into situations where they could be drugged and raped and that the owners hushed up the rape scheme. The second is the story of Amanda Todd who was victimized by a cyber-bully/predator so mercilessly that she eventually took her own life.  

Bottom line: If you read the snippets I posted over the past couple of weeks and imagined I was writing a romance, I'm not. I just haven't screwed up quite enough courage to share the dark stuff yet. One day soon I will though.  Promise. 

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  1. Great pic of the harbor, Janice! What an awesome way to start your day :)

    OK, NaNo - I hear you on the irrational motivations and plot-holes! But just keep writing. The great Nora Roberts says you can't fix a blank page! And you're doing awesome with your word count - keep pushing forward.

    And with the basis for your story, it should be dark! Funny - I started off writing a romantic comedy and have found my story full of stalkers, a hero with a previous drug addiction and heroine who sold her best friend down the river for a coveted spot on a television show. Perhaps, my friend, our inner divas are very, very dark women ;)

    Looking forward to more snippets, dark or not - and good luck on the weekend writing frenzy coming up!