Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sky paintings 8: Risser's Beach

It was another wonderful weekend at Risser's Beach - with sunny, warm days followed by beautiful sunsets and cool, clear nights.  I took this shot while the guys were cooking supper. My niece asked me to take a photo of her "rock climbing" while I was at it.  

When I asked her what colour the clouds were, she replied "Purple, pink, blue, grey and white." Clever girl.

I think seeing the world through the eyes of a 5 year old is good for the artistic soul. 


  1. I loved Risser's beach! And nearby Crescent too, though my fave is Hirtles. Did you ever get the Garmin data off the laptop?

    1. Haven't been to Hirtle's Beach for years so maybe we'lll make a point of getting there for a walk this weekend.

      Still working on getting Garmin data off the laptop. Haven't had a chance this week to put my recovery plan into action but hoping to get to it this weekend. Thanks for asking!

    2. I suppose one doesn't visit the good stuff in your own neighbourhood. We rented a house in Kingsburg for 3 weeks once and I loved it. Walked on the beach every day, and all hours of the night and day. One of my best memories is watching the waves under a nearly full moon, at about 2 in the warm morning, and a jogger going by. If you go take pics!

    3. Because of you, we went there today and it was glorious! I had forgotten what a beautiful beach it was and the weather was idyllic. I hope to post a few pics later tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned!