Sunday, September 23, 2012

Behold the biker chick!

One of the things on my "to do" list for this 50th birthday year was re-learn to ride a motorcycle. Growing up, my siblings and I spent summer afternoon careening along red dirt roads through the potato fields of Prince Edward Island.  I loved motorcycling and always thought it was something I'd like to do again - though I couldn't remember the last time I'd been on a bike, even as a passenger.

With nothing else planned for this past weekend, I decided it was time to take the course, see how it felt, and (if I still wanted to by the end of the weekend) take the test to get my learner's permit.

As it turned out, despite miserably wet weather on Saturday, I had a blast. The instructors were great, my classmates were heaps of fun, and I loved being on a motorcycle again - though, I hasten to add, it wasn't easy by any means. Two days of maneuvering a 300+ pound Suzuki Marauder 250 around the training lot left my back, arms, hands and legs sore and achy. And who knew the thing that would hurt the most was my left hand?  Hours of practicing slow, tight turns requiring firm clutch control will do that apparently.

I'm too darned tired to write more tonight but, suffice it to say, I and my classmates (including three other women) all passed the test - thanks to our highly skilled and experienced instructors!  So I'm already dreaming about the bike I want to buy and hoping I can find one in time to squeeze in a few weeks of riding before winter sets in.

Waiting to take the last test

Biker chicks!

Our handsome and talented instructors

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