Saturday, September 1, 2012

Home safe and sound!

It's been a month since my last post - longer than expected but it couldn't be helped. Life has been full, full, FULL of new places (Paris, Portsmouth, and Enkhuizen) and experiences (my first Bruce Springsteen concert!), time with friends and family, love, laughter and friendship.

I hope to find time to write about all my European adventures in the coming weeks but today I just want to say how good it felt to run familiar trails after being away so long. This morning I did a total of 17 kms beside the LaHave River and through Peace Park, where I stopped briefly to enjoy the quiet solitude before turning towards home. Though it was a sunny warm day, fresh breezes reminded me that autumn is right around the corner.

En route to the park, I was struck by how different everything looked since my last visit six or seven weeks ago when trees and lawns were lush and green, gardens were in full bloom, and the air was heavy with humidity. Today - after a long hot, dry spell - lawns and gardens were yellow and faded, a few leaves had begun to change colour (already!) and the air was cool, crisp and clear. It made me realize how much of our beautiful Nova Scotia summer I've missed!

Fortunately, the weather is glorious again this weekend - which is why blogging about our European adventures will have to wait a little longer. Husband and I are off to the beach to savour these last few days of summer.

Happy Labour Day weekend, everybody!

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