Monday, September 17, 2012

A foggy morning and clear blue afternoon

This past weekend's runs and other outings were a study in contrasts. 

Saturday morning, I arranged to meet my buddy David for a run. We agreed I would run on my own from the beach to his house and then the two of us would make the return journey together. Arriving at my starting point, I was disappointed to discover that the stunning views I normally enjoy were obscured by heavy fog.  However, as I began to run, I quickly appreciated the way the dense, damp air focussed my visual perspective. Though my smartphone wasn't really up to taking great pictures in those conditions, I snapped a few anyway and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

On the return journey, the skies finally began to clear...

...and by the time David and I reached the beach, the day had turned gloriously sunny and warm - so warm we briefly considered going for a swim until we realized how cold the water was and settled for a leisurely wade instead.

Sunday morning, Husband and I ran another 6k run along our usual route in town, then in the afternoon head for Hirtle's Beach to go for a walk. Though Hirtle's Beach is only a short distance from our country place as the crow flies, it had been years since I'd been there. The outing was suggested to me by another blogger, Keith from Calgary, who mentioned he thought it was the most beautiful beach in the area. I'm not sure I agree but it certainly was spectacular yesterday.

Particularly, with the colossal waves rolling ashore - the result of a hurricane sweeping past Nova Scotia far offshore.

My guess is that there's at least 5 or 6 kms of run-able beach there at low tide but Husband and I will make another trip soon - Garmin in hand - to confirm that.

For the running geeks: I had a very good week of running, I managed to run 4 times for a total of 36k, including my 17k LSR on Saturday. I hope that means I'll be up to running at least a half marathon somewhere later this fall, in addition to the 10k Muir Murray wine run with Husband in early November. Plans for the coming week include a short trail run or two to see whether my knee might be up to tackling the Cuddly Coyote in mid-October. Fingers crossed.


  1. I think it's 3 K from the far end where you get on the headland trail, to the pile of rocks to the left of boardwalk that would make running tough, and there's more beach there. I dream of running on that beach. No, seriously. Love the pics.