Thursday, June 30, 2016

If I had more time...

Blogging has moved a long way down priority list lately. Not because I don’t want to write, or don’t have things to say, but simply because I have too many commitments in the "real" world and no time for it. I doubt anyone's missed my musings, but I certainly miss documenting them. Writing helps me clarify my thoughts in a way little else does.

For instance, if I had more time, I’d write about Brexit and why I've found the news coverage of it so frustrating. It seems most commentators are determined to oversimplify some issues and ignore others so that they can draw conclusions supporting their own political views. I'd rather they presented a fair and balanced picture of the circumstances that led to the majority of UK citizens voting to leave the EU. I'm not at all convinced it was the right decision but I can certainly understand why so many were tempted to vote for change. 

If I had more time, I’d write about climate change and my fear that humankind has much less time to make drastic changes in order to survive than most of us understand. I hope I’m wrong, of course. It breaks my heart to think my beautiful nieces and nephews may face such a grim future but my gut is telling me I’m not wrong. In fact, my gut is telling me to forget about planning for old age because none of us are going to live long enough to see it.

If I had more time, I’d write about why everyone should learn to do mountain pose. Doing it properly helps me tune into my body so I'm more likely to notice what aligned and what isn’t, what’s strong and what’s weak, whether I'm breathing deeply enough, and what my mind's doing. Seriously, everyone should do a mountain pose at least once a day, preferably with their eyes closed.

If I had more time, I’d write more about my family relationships and how, though I sometimes wish they were more open and positive, I’ve reached the age where I’m no longer willing to sacrifice who I am and what I believe to win approval and acceptance. I love my family a lot but life is simply too short.

If I had more time, I’d write about how wasteful and stupid I think it is that we spend so much time and money on things we don’t actually need to live beautiful, meaningful lives. In fact, much of what we consume makes us sick, dissatisfied, overweight and unhappy – things like cosmetics, cheap clothes, disposable everything, bad food, pharmaceuticals, pornography, mainstream “entertainment” and professional sports.

Finally, if I had more time, I’d write about what I think it takes to live a “good life”. To my mind, it’s not about how much I have, or where I travel, or who my friends are. It’s about how authentically and compassionately I deal with others, whether I’m grateful for what I have or believe I’m entitled to it, how often I do the “right” rather than the easy thing, and whether my good intentions are reflected in my actions. Love is a verb. Acting with integrity, though sometimes difficult and uncomfortable, is essential. Respecting others means respecting their good and bad choices and resisting the urge to ridicule. It's usually possible to find beauty even in the darkest times. Walking lightly on the planet means curbing my appetites and working for change.

What would you write about if you had more time?

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  1. Those all seem like good writing topics to me. I've got novel stuff that is beginning to gell. I'm pretty sure one day soon I'll wake up and know where more of the story goes.I almost know now. Perhaps if I got left alone for a while it would come to me. It's hard for characters to talk to you when your mind is full of other stuff.