Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Running lessons: Overcoming my summer running funk

I've been in something of a running funk lately. After months of training for various races, I suppose I'm just a little tired. I keep telling myself it's okay to feel this way for awhile. After all, I'm not planning to run another race any time soon and there's lots to keep me busy as Husband and I settle into our new home.

My long run last weekend was a relatively short 13k jaunt from our country house to Peace Park and back.  The weather was perfect for running - sunny with a light cool breeze up river. Peace Park was breathtakingly green and lush after all the rain we've had and the air was heavy with the scent of salt water roses.

I love salt water roses. They remind me of my girlhood in Prince Edward Island. I went to Canoe Cove Christian Camp every summer and smelled my first salt water roses there when a friend braided some into my hair. Ever since, their scent reminds me of how much I loved summer camp, what a gift it was to grow up in Prince Edward Island, and how fortunate I am to live in another idyllically beautiful place now.

On Sunday, as I trundled the last few kilometres home, I passed a favourite landmark, a large osprey's nest perched high atop a wooden pole. I spotted mama peering down at me but there was no sign of daddy or any any babies yet.

When I finally arrived back at the house, I stopped for a few minutes to savour our garden. Once upon a time, it was probably quite beautiful - well-tended and orderly. Sadly, years of neglect have left it weedy and overgrown. Nevertheless, white and purple irises bloom in abundance and healthy clumps of mint and day lilies grow amongst the blackberry bushes. There's no chance I'll get the garden cleaned up this summer - we have too many other projects on the go - but I'm looking forward to weeding the plants I love best and making plans for a major garden renovation next year. After all, planning is the best part!

That's true when it comes to running as well. Choosing races to run, developing a training schedule, making logistical arrangements, fund raising and coordinating with running friends are all things that inspire me to hit the roads and trails when I'm feeling low energy. Which is why I got busy this week researching options for a fall race or two. 

My first choice is the Cape to Cabot  20k Road Race in St. John's, Newfoundland - but, realistically, I don't think our summer travel schedule will permit me to train properly for "the Toughest Race in Eastern North America". A more realistic option is the Cuddly Coyote 21k Trail Race which is happening closer to home and would require much less hard training - though I'd have to do lots more trail running of course. In addition, Husband and I are hoping to the run the Bacchus Wine 10k Fun Run at Muir Murray Winery in November.

What races are you planning to run this summer and fall? Are there any you'd especially recommend that aren't too far from Canada's east coast?


  1. So glad to hear you and your hubby are running the Muir Murray Wine Run in November, Janice! You have some choices to make, but did you also know there is a trail run in Keji Park on Sept. 17th? Just Google "Friends of Keji Trail Run 2012" for information.

    As for me - still working really hard on getting a good solid base in my running - and I might be doing the Age of Sail mid August (my friend is coming down for a visit then instead of October. Oh, and I'll probably do Cherry Hill again :)

    It's hard to keep up with the running without the looming race motivating you - but you love it too much to NOT run! I have every faith in you that you'll continue to log the miles and share the fabulous pictures you always take when out on the trails!

    1. No, I didn't know about the Keji run but I'll check it out for sure. I love Keji.

      Sounds like you have some fun races planned as well. I'm glad.