Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Here's the set up:  Last Friday evening, Husband and I drove to the country for the weekend. Upon arriving, we noticed we had left behind a cooler full of food for ourselves and the two cats so we emailed, then telephoned, our friend Thomas to ask if he could help. A few hours later we received this message. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard I cried...

OK, here's the story... 

I had a fairly pleasant walk to your house. Nice spot. On the way down your street I met a large black dog who ran towards me, and thankfully seemed friendly. He was with a man and a little girl. We said hi. I got to your place, or what I thought I remembered hearing L say was your house number, but saw no cooler on the porch. There was some mail sticking out of your box, which I quickly looked at and saw your name on the front, so I knew that at least it was indeed the correct house. With no luck on the front porch, I walked around back being unsure if perhaps it was on a back porch. No luck there either. On my way back out to the front, the guy (with little girl and dog) was walking back toward me checking me out. I quickly informed him that I was there at your request looking for the cooler, and asked if he might have seen it and perhaps stored it himself on your behalf. He looked a bit more at ease realizing that I might not be an evil doer, and let me know that I looked suspicious looking at the mail and immediately going around to the backyard. I thanked him for his watchful eye over his neighbour's house. We chatted, he told me that he had put the mail in your box, as it was delivered to his house, and that his name was Troy. Seems like a good neighbour to have around. I left empty handed and headed back home.

When I got here, I checked my facebook messages and saw your note re the possibility that is might be in the entry way and your info regarding the location of the key. So I hopped in the van with security code in hand and tried operation grocery rescue part B. I was a bit self conscious now that I figured the neighbours might be watching me and my search for the secret key. I had a story ready for them if they came calling me on it though, you had contacted me to ask this time to check if the propane was left on, thus not revealing your secret hiding place, which was damn good by the way. It took me about four or five minutes looking and feeling about for it. I finally found it just as I was about to give up and think you guys were just nuts. I let myself in an deactivated the alarm without any problem, but no cooler here either. I had a quick look around and in the end was able to locate it sitting snugly inside the refrigerator. 

You are boneheads. But that's ok, because we're all boneheads in our own way and it gave me something to do this evening and while I was out I got to pick up some beer at the liquor store (and not steal the ones from your fridge). I didn't put the key back where I found it in case I was being watched. It is currently thumbtacked to the back of the post of my front porch that has the house number 16 on it. It's hiding behind a leaf - attached to the same thumbtack. You can pick it up whenever you'd like. 

Please don't worry about putting me out, I'm cool, and glad to be able to help my boneheaded friends out. 


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