Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hail the runner!

I intended my long slow run today to be a relaxed 10-12kms at a leisurely pace - just long enough to burn off some energy and get the blood moving in legs that were still sore from trail running Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans.

The run started well enough. I loped through my old Dartmouth neighbourhood and across the Dartmouth Commons, pausing several times to snap pictures before cruising across the bridge to Halifax. Once there, I ran south to the Armoury, then north to the Hydrostone Market, stopping now and again to window shop, before turning to run south towards the bridge.

As I approached, I noticed the sky had turned ominous but the sun was still shining beneath the clouds so I was optimistic I'd make it home ahead of the storm.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. As I crested the bridge, hard fat raindrops began to fall. By the time I'd reached the Common, it had begun to hail as well. Half way across the park, the storm worsened so I took shelter under an oak tree and considered my options - wait and hope it let up before I got hypothermic, take cover at a friend's house nearby or keep going and resign myself to getting soaked.  I opted for the last.

It was only a little over a kilometre home, but it felt much longer. The rain and hail hit with so much force they made my skin ache. Several times, I found myself wading through fast flowing, ankle deep water. By the time I reached the house, I was soaked through and breathing heavily, my calf muscles taut from sprinting the last kilometre in such miserable conditions.

So much for an easy run. And so much for running a personal best tomorrow. I can't imagine there'll be enough juice in my legs to run 5k in anything like the time I ran the Chester Cut 'n Run 5k this time last year.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

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