Thursday, July 21, 2011

Running Lessons: Some days turn out better than you expect

I just got arrived back from a fabulous 8km run.

It started with 3 kms around the lake to warm up. 1.5 kms into it, I noticed my legs were feeling especially good - but I had a small stitch in my side. Checking my pace, I was astounded to see I was running a full minute per km faster than I usually do. No wonder I had a stitch!  For the next km or so, I consciously tried to slow my pace in order to leave something for the hill repeats I had planned but it was a struggle. Whether it was the storm blowing in or my new shoes, my body just seemed to want to go as fast as it could.

I needn't have worried about the hill repeats. I completed six trips up and down with relative ease and felt capable of more - though common sense prevailed so I turned to run slowly back to my apartment instead. Once home, I stepped on to the balcony for a long stretch.

It was glorious out there tonight. A stiff cool breeze blew as the storm drew closer and the sky glowed with beautiful, ominous light.  Now, as I sit watching and listening to the thunder, lightening and rain beating the dust off the windows, life feels very very good.

Which is amazing because I spent most of the day feeling a little under the weather - like I might be coming down with a cold - and I skipped lunch and was late getting home so it was after 8:00 by the time I laced up my shoes. Given all that, I shouldn't have had a good run.

But I did have a good run. And a good evening. Which I guess just goes to show that you never know when a day is going to turn out better than you expect. Something I'll have to keep in mind the next time a day doesn't start out well.

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