Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Running Adventures in Ottawa

I used to live in Ottawa where I trained for numerous races and got to know all the trails near my home well. I was in Ottawa again this past weekend so planned a long run route that took me back to some of my favourite haunts.

I started in Hog's Back Park (pictured above), then ran along the Rideau Canal to Carleton University, through the Arboretum, around Dow's Lake, across Ottawa South, through Vincent Massey Park and back through Hog's Back Park to my starting point. The weather was cool, overcast and good for running, but not great for photogaphing the beautiful trees and blossoms I saw along the way. Still, I managed to capture a few images I liked - especially, of the tulips in bloom near Dow's Lake and the peaceful trails through Vincent Massey Park.

My run this weekend was special for another reason. Two years ago, I trained for my first event as a member of Team in Training (the Chicago Marathon) and did virtually all my running in this same area, so following the old routes brought back lots of memories of that time.

For example, as I ran through Hog's Back Park, I looked up and saw the hill I climbed dozens of time as part of my hill workouts. Naturally, I couldn't miss the opportunity to run it once again so sprinted to the top before heading back to join my husband for brunch.

As I write this, I'm making plans to run one last long run of 36kms to prepare for the Johnny Miles Marathon on June 19th, and then it's back to training for another TNT event - this time the San Francisco Nike Womens' Marathon in October.  If the experience is anything like it was the last time, I know it's going to be quite the ride!

For more pics from my run, click here.

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