Sunday, November 8, 2015


My friend and fellow blogger, Keith, just published his 2000th post, which prompted me to check my own stats.  It turns out I've only published 351 posts since I started blogging in October 2008, which is less than one per week - not nearly as impressive as Keith's average of a post every day and half. Honestly, I don't know how he manages to find so much interesting stuff to talk about!

Aside from the stats, Keith's post got me thinking again about why I blog and what topics I'd like to focus on in future. I've mostly blogged about running to this point but I don't really feel I have much left to say on that subject. And, anyway, there are plenty of bloggers offering more useful running information and advice than I do. Given that, perhaps it's time to switch gears - at least, until I register for another challenging event and get more serious about training again.

On the other hand, blogging about running motivates me to train more regularly. I like being able to report that I've successful followed my training plan for the week, which is often enough to get me out the door even when running's the last thing I feel like doing.

Fortunately, I'm having far fewer issues with motivation these days. Running pain-free in the crisp autumn air feels wonderful so it's pretty easy to get my butt in gear. It was especially easy this weekend. The weather was perfect Saturday morning - so warm and sunny that I stripped off my long sleeved shirt midway to run in my singlet. (And, no, I wasn't having hot flashes. It was 16C when I made it back to the house.)

Today was considerably cooler but still really comfortable for running. After a leisurely cup of coffee, Husband and I loaded the puppy we're fostering into the car and headed to Peace Park for an easy jog. The puppy (appropriately named Indy) had a fantastic time trotting along beside us - when she wasn't running mad circles around us, that is. It was great fun for everyone. Of course, since she's only 7 or 8 months old, we kept a close watch on her and slowed to a walk often enough to ensure she wasn't overdoing it though she showed no signs of struggling to keep up. To the contrary, I'm pretty sure she was frustrated because we were moving too slowly.

It's been fun having Indy around this past week - though tiring too. Husband's looked after her during the day while I've taken her for long walks in the mornings and evenings - which means I've been getting far more fresh air and exercise than I usually do and feeling wearier as a result. On the upside, waking earlier's been nice and it's been great fun introducing her to the neighbourhood.

Indy's a rescue so was a little nervous about playing with the local dogs at the start but, by Friday morning, she'd gotten over that totally. She threw herself wholeheartedly into the fun and had a whole pack chasing her around the ballfield at one point. Though much younger and smaller then the other dogs, she has no difficulty keeping ahead of them. We don't know have any info about her background but it's clear there's a small, fast breed somewhere in her ancestry.

Yesterday and today, we took her to Risser's Beach for walks, which she enjoyed too. Since there was no one else around and we were a long way from the road, we let her run off leash a few times to see what she'd do. It turns out she's a clever little thing who happily bounded back to us whenever we called her. What a cutie! I'm sure she'll make her forever family very happy.

This afternoon, I took her to visit a lovely family in Petite Riviere who are interested in adopting her. I hope it works out. She's incredibly affectionate so I'm sure she'd thrive as part of a bigger family and it would be great if she could go for beach walks regularly.

So there it is. Post #352. No great literary achievement but at least I'm blogging again. Here's hoping I can find something more interesting to say in the weeks and months ahead.

Happy running and writing, friends!

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  1. Thanks for the reference! Blogging isn't, or shouldn't be about quantity, it should be about making the writer and and at least some of the readers happy. I suspect the issue isn't the finding something interesting to say, it's that there's so much interesting stuff in your life you don't have the time to write the blog.