Sunday, August 4, 2013

Running lessons: Jump first, train later!

So, I did it. I took the leap and registered for Cape to Cabot in St. Johns's in October - which means I've got some pretty serious training to do over the next couple of months. To prepare, I've promised myself no more long runs on my usual routes along abandoned rail beds. Instead, for the next 9 weeks, I'll slog my way up and down as many hills as possible.

Yesterday's 24 km run was from our house in Conquerall Bank to Crescent Beach. Here's the elevation chart.

None of the hills was as high as those I'll run in Newfoundland but I'm hoping my quads will get stronger through sheer repetition.

My run felt tougher yesterday because I didn't start it until mid-afternoon after driving my motorcycle from Halifax to Bridgewater in the morning (approx. 120 kms). I'd never done such a long trip before so was anxious about it. Would I be able to drive fast enough to avoid being a hazard to other drivers? Would the weather cooperate? As it turned out, I had a great ride though my lower back and arms were pretty tired by the time I reached our country place. I was on the road shortly after 7:00 a.m. so there wasn't much traffic and the route was much easier to drive than those on which I've been practicing in recent weeks. The only really scary bit was when I had to drive on Highway #103 for a few kilometres because the secondary highway was closed.  Here's a pic of Patti at Queensland Beach. I think maybe she's a beach girl like me.

And here are a few pics from yesterday's long run. Yes, I was dawdled - but I meant to. When I discussed my race plans with my chiro last week, he reminded me that "long slow runs" are supposed to be just that - long and slow - so I did my best to heed his advice and run 20-30 seconds per kilometre more slowly than I have been. I wasn't altogether successful so took more walk breaks than usual, which gave me lots of time to take pictures.

It was sunny and warm for the first 13 kms or so.

But I ran into a fog bank just outside LaHave.

From then on, there weren't many waterviews but the foggy landscape was pretty in its own way and I appreciated the cooler temperatures.

I also enjoyed the flowers and brightly painted houses along the way.

And encountered a rather irate mama osprey who took exception to me running by her nest and let me know it by swooping overhead, calling out in full voice that I should move along, move along.

When I finally arrived at the beach just after 5:00, Husband was waiting to drive me the last few kilometres to Risser's Beach, where I threw myself into the water for a refreshing swim before joining family at the campground for a BBQ supper.

Walking to the car later, I noticed the fog had cleared and the sky, though moonless, was bright with stars - so I thanked those lucky stars for the good fortune to live and run in such a beautiful place.

Happy running and writing, friends.

For the running geeks in the crowd, here's a summary of last week's training:
Total # runs: 4
Total distance: 45.5 kms
Longest run: 24.34 kms
Hill training: 1 x 4 hills
Tempo runs: 1 x 6 kms


  1. Conquerall Bank to Crescent Beach; I'd never have made it past the bakery. More fuel, I'd have thought, and that would be it. Such a beautiful place to run, and a beach after. Sigh.

    1. It was tempting, Keith, but I knew there were ribs and hodge podge waiting at the other end.

      Come visit and we'll run to the bakery and have some of their yummy eggs benny - complete with homemade catsup and lovely, lemony hollandaise. :-)

  2. I run past that Osprey nest every second day - and they still give me hell! They are beautiful - and it's been wonderful watching the babies (hearing them to start) of them is now sitting up on the side of the nest the last time I went by.

    Love the run to Crescent Beach - I think I've done it twice. Glad you had a good run, Janice - and some cooler temperatures since you ran late afternoon :)