Monday, August 12, 2013

Running lessons: Burning the candle at both ends

The Once performing on the Wharf Stage
(Yes, that is a sailboat in the background!)
Wow, what a busy couple of weeks. Between work and running and various social commitments, I've definitely been burning the candle at both ends.

Husband and I spent most of this past weekend at the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival with my folks. It was another fabulous festival so we enjoyed it enormously but, after taking in something like 22 hours of music between Thursday night and Sunday afternoon, I was completely exhausted when we headed back to the city last night.

Thinking back over the weekend, my favourite performances were by David Myles, The Once,  Cheryl Wheeler, Ten Strings and a Goatskin and - an old favourite - Lennie Gallant. Myles and Gallant are accomplished singer-songwriters I've admired for some time . (Pop over to David's site to check out the video of the first single off his new album,"How'd I ever think I loved you?" It's hilarious, and makes me think of an old boyfriend or two.) Ten Strings and Goatskin are a wildly talented group of young musicians from PEI (including two of Lennie's nephews) who stole hearts wherever they played, and I could listen to Geraldine Hollett, lead singer for The Once, all day long.

I took my camera along for part of the festival and managed to get a few pictures. Here are some from the gospel show Sunday morning.

David Myles performing in the big tent
A banjo played by a Spinney Brother
The "Gallant" members of Ten Strings and a Goatskin

And here are three I took later that afternoon on the wharf.  I'd be interested to know which you like best. Personally, I prefer the last one but Husband likes the first. 

Despite spending so much time at the festival, I managed to complete two runs on the weekend - a 26k long slow run on Friday afternoon, followed by a 10k tempo run on Saturday morning. The LSR felt okay but I hit a wall at around 20k so the last 6k were tough. I think the trouble was it was a hot, humid day and I hadn't fuelled properly. The tempo run on Saturday felt much better - which was good for my confidence since I was still tired from the day before. 

Speaking of tired, it's time I signed off and went to sleep but, before I go, here are the details of my training last week:

Total # runs: 3
Total distance: 43k
Longest run: 36k
Hill training: 1 x 5 hills
Tempo run: 1 x 10k

Have a great week everyone! Oh, and by the way, here's a shot from Blockhouse Hill where evening concerts were held during the festival. Not a bad venue, eh?


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time at the Folk Festival, Janice!! A great weekend, too! Great pictures! Glad to hear you also got in your training runs (no wonder you're tired). Hope the week isn't too stressful and you have time to recuperate!!

    1. We did indeed, If I hadn't been so tired, we'd definitely have caught the last show on Sunday night.

      This week's been busy but not too stressful so I'm getting caught up slowly but surely. Haven't run since Saturday though. :-( Hoping to remedy that tonight.

      Also looking forward to a lovely restful 3 day weekend coming up. Fingers crossed for more good weather.

      Hope your week's going well too!