Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions: Creating a Creative Life

It's that time of year again - time to think about the year just gone and the one ahead, and to select a Word of the Year to guide me.  Last year, my word was "celebration" and -  judging by all the fun stuff Husband and I did to mark our milestone birthdays, his retirement and other important occasions, it served me well - focusing my attention on the things I most wanted to do in 2012.

For those new to my blog, celebratory activities over the past year have included:
Needless to say, it's going to be pretty hard to top a year like the last one - but I certainly intend to try.

In thinking about the coming year, I realized that most of what I aspired to do and become could be summarized in one word - creative.  So - ta da! - my word for 2013 is
CREATE intriguing stories, beautiful photographs, and memorable meals
CREATE wonderful memories by traveling to new places, tackling new running challenges, and spending more time with loved ones
CREATE new habits that include eating less meat, drinking less alcohol, running smarter, and reading more
CREATE new connections and opportunities to take both my day job and other activities in new and interesting directions
CREATE a more fearless version of myself by doing things that take me outside my comfort zone (think motorcycling and skydiving!)
As I reread the list, it seems just a tad ambitious but, since this time last year I could never have imagined how far my commitment to celebration would take me, I'm hoping my resolution to create a creative life holds the same magic.

So, dear readers, what are your New Year's Resolutions? Were you able to keep last year's? What do you hope your life will look like when 2014 rolls around?

In closing, a few snapshots from my last long run of 2012 which I completed yesterday afternoon - as inspiration for those who still aren't sure they like running outside in winter. Yes, Janet, I mean you!  :-)

Happy New Year, everyone!

Lake Banook on a cold and blustery but still beautiful afternoon

Something about the light made me take this one

The harbour as the sun began to set

Looking towards the harbour mouth


  1. Great word, Janice - and I love how you sectioned it off so that you have creativity throughout your life! Looking forward to reading about your creative journey this year!

    As for the cold weather running - looks lovely, and such nicely cleared trails, too - I've dusted off the treadmill! Call me a wimp if you will, but at least with the treadmill, I know I won't slide into the ditch along the highway ;)

    1. Thanks, Janet. And thanks for inspiring me to choose a word of the year in the first place.

      Okay, I admit the weather this week hasn't been ideal for running but - truly - it's worth getting outdoors whenever you can. You'll be especially glad you did when it comes time to run Bluenose in May. How about driving into town and running on cleared and salted sidewalks?

      Speaking of which, just poked my head out the door and discovered it's a lovely calm night so I'm off to squeeze in a quick 5km around the lake before I make supper. Talk soon!

  2. Total stranger - sounds like you are manifesting a tremendous amount from your resolutions - what a joyous achievement. Your success, and your most excellent word for 2013, compel me to suggest you also consider the journey offered by art and that you might consider articulating a vision for it. Life, ideas, expression can be distilled and expanded to such revealing intensity in art, and I believe it could enhance an enlightened life experience like yours very movingly. Example: CREATE a personal dialogue with a piece of art. CREATE the experience with the same courage, bias, gratitude and dissatisfaction as the artist might have used to create the piece. You might find you've created a lifelong journey in art. (That is, of course, assuming you haven't already) BTW - your word resonates with me incredibly, so I hope you'll forgive my uninvited submission. I believe the meaning of life itself is creativity - that we were sent here to manifest something better for the world through who we are, and art has been a huge part of my creativity. Thank you for considering. Wishing you the most extraordinary year yet!

    1. Thank you for reading and for offering such inspiring and intriguing suggestions. I will seriously contemplate them in the weeks and months ahead.

      Wishing you an extraordinary year as well, stranger...