Monday, December 10, 2012

Running Lessons: The magic of new shoes, running with a friend and Christmas cheer

A grey misty day on the river

Running felt hard for most of last week. With some encouragement from husband, I managed to do 5k on Tuesday but couldn't get motivated to run again until the weekend. Even then, it took Husband's gentle prodding to get me to lace up my shoes and head out the door Saturday morning.

It was a drizzly, grey day so there wasn't much worth photographing en route - though the weather made for a marvelously solitary and peaceful run. I didn't cross paths with another runner or walker the whole time I was out. And, as so often happens, once I got going I actually enjoyed myself. My new Aasics felt good and my legs had plenty of juice after a few days off.  Because I was breaking in new shoes, I kept the run relatively short - returning home after only 13.5 kms - but that worked out well too since it meant I had the energy to do another 12 kms with my friend David yesterday morning.

The weather was much improved by then with bright sunshine and mild temperatures so we had a fabulous run along the river trail - laughing and talking the whole way. Later in the day, Husband and I took in our first Christmas concert of the season and picked out a Christmas tree and I made yummy veggie crepes for supper. By the time I tumbled into bed last night, I was pleasantly tired and relaxed, and woke up this morning looking forward to my next run.

Which just goes to show that sometimes all it takes to cure the running blahs is a new pair of shoes, a run with a good friend and a little Christmas cheer. Reading a good running book helps too, but more on that tomorrow.

So tell me, friends, how do you cure the running blahs?


  1. Nice photo. During one of our visits to that amazing coffee shop and Bakery near the cable ferry (you know the one) we were talking to someone that had moved there from away about buying a place. Seeing the misty picture reminded me of the conversation. She said it was really important to know where the fog line was in relation to where you were thinking of buying. A place might be foggy a lot of the year, especially in winter, and yet a place a few miles away will have much more sunshine. Is that true?

    1. Thanks, Keith. That used to be more true than it is now. When my family first moved to the area, people used to say you shouldn't buy a place in LaHave because of the near constant fog in summer but global warming has changed that. There's much less fog in the area than there used to be.

  2. And thanks for the heads-up on the running shoe sale, Janice - I went a got a pair of my favorites at half price, too :)

    Sounds like you had an awesome running weekend - and Sunday was fabulous (did 8 miles). Fingers crossed the weather stays nice for my outside running during Jan., Feb. and March!!

    1. Glad you got some new shoes at a good price, Janet.

      I did have a good running weekend - and I'm thrilled that you're still running outdoors. It's magical in winter, I promise.