Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Running lessons: Three more days and I'm in tapering hell

A quick post because I need to get some stuff off my chest so I can try to focus on work.

I'm in tapering hell. It's the worst thing about training for an endurance event - the jitters that settle in the week before when you find yourself worrying more or less constantly about the weather and the tightness in your hamstrings and the slight tickle in your throat and whether you'll find parking close to the start line and what you should wear and how much it's going to hurt and whether your body's going to hold up... You get the idea.

The very worst part is that your usual antidote for this kind of spinning is to go for a long run but, of course, you can't do that because you're saving your legs for race day. You can go for an easy, short run but it feels so awful when you do that you wonder why you ever thought you could run 50k - and the spinning gets worse and friends and family begin walking in wide circles around you and you just...want be race day already!!

There. I feel better. Sort of.

BTW, in case you think I'm the only person who experiences tapering craziness before a race, check this out.

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