Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A very public Valentine

According to Chief Webber on Grey's Anatomy (could there be a more reliable source?), Valentine's Day is about celebrating the person you love. 

This year, the person I love is in a different city a thousand miles away and I completely forgot to send him a card or gift to mark the occasion.  So, instead, I've created this very public Valentine to celebrate his extreme wonderfulness. (Private celebrations will be held during his next visit home in a few weeks. ;-) )

The reasons I think my Valentine's wonderful are far too numerous to list here - so let me provide just a small sampling (in no particular order):
  • he buys me flowers - like the ones that arrived yesterday (see above) - because he knows how much I love them, though I suspect he secretly believes they're a waste of money;
  • he knows which flowers are my favourites;
  • he's nearly always patient, loving and supportive - no matter how grumpy or unreasonable I'm being;
  • he's happy to listen and he does it well;
  • he loves his own family deeply, and mine just as much;
  • he actively encourages and supports my running addiction - no matter how much havoc it creates;
  • he encourages me to do things that scare me;
  • he's happy to try new things, eat new foods, meet new people,
  • he's incredibly brave and strong when he needs to be, and gentle as a lamb the rest of the time;
  • he's confident in his masculinity and not at all afraid of his feminine side;
  • he has nothing to prove to anyone;
  • he genuinely likes "chick flicks";
  • he's talented and skilled at many things - including his job, woodworking, home renovations, cooking, writing, drawing, music, chopping wood and running;
  • he's loyal, generous and dependable;
  • he's financially responsible but not at all materialistic;
  • he's treats other people with kindness and respect no matter how he feels about them;
  • he enjoys spending time with me and likes the fact that I'm so darn smart;
  • he's happy to share his food when we eat out;
  • he brings me coffee in bed (refills too!); 
  • he thinks I'm beautiful and sexy no matter how bad I look; and
  • he tells me he loves me often and with conviction.
Of course, it hasn't all been smooth sailing in the twenty-five years since my Valentine and I had our first date, but every day I feel more confident that the things we've learned in our many years together and our commitment to loving and supporting one another will take us through whatever rough patches lie ahead.

So, thank you for being the truly wonderful man you are, my Love. And thank you for loving me so long, so much and so well.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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