Sunday, February 19, 2012

Running my commute

It was a great running week. I ran 53 kms in total over four days. I didn't have much choice. There's a transit strike in progress so I've been running back and forth to work (5k each way) most days.

I love running. And, as I've written before, I love my commute. But I have to admit that commuting on foot for most of the past two week has been a bit of a grind. Hopefully, it will start to feel easier if the strike drags on. At the moment, there's no end in sight so I'm doing my best to relax into my new routine for as long as it lasts.

I took the photo above a few days ago as I started the run home at dusk. I love how futuristic it looks.  I must have been an abstract frame of mind because I captured these two images on the same run.

Another evening this week, I travelled home while it was still light and grabbed this shot from the top of the MacDonald Bridge. It's hard to believe the water and sky really looked that blue - but they did!

I stayed in the city this weekend so did my long slow run (23kms) in Dartmouth and Halifax today. The weather was spectacular - sunny and warm, more like an early spring day than February - so I used the opportunity to revisit a favourite route over the old bridge, along the Halifax waterfront and around Point Pleasant Park

Focused as I was on improving my chi running technique, I didn't take many pictures. However, my cell phone rang as I reached the boardwalk in front of Casino Nova Scotia. Stopping to answer it, I noticed this image which I captured when I completed the call. 

That's my reflection in the glass, of course, with a view of the harbour and Dartmouth shoreline behind me.  

For a few more shots from my long run today, you can visit a small photo album here.

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