Friday, January 20, 2012

Because we are runners

Today, I came across this wonderful post entitled "Because we are runners" which says exactly what I feel about running. 

The timing couldn't have been better. I skipped a planned 8k run last evening because - for the first time in a long time - I didn't want to go running

I was horrified.

Running is my solace, my joy, my motivator, my obsession.  How could I feel I didn't want to run - even for a few hours?  What if I never wanted to run again? What if the three or four pounds I've gained since the New Year are the beginning of a long slide into couch-potato-dom? 

Clearly, I need an attitude adjustment. I need a run. Tonight, if I can manage it.


  1. Been thinking of you - did you run on Friday or did the crappy weather stall your plans? Did you run on the weekend?

    I don't think you're heading for 'couch-potato-dom' (love that term and may be borrowing it, with credit of course) - and remember your New Year's attitude (no goals, let it flow).

  2. Thanks, Janet. I'll keep trying to just let it flow. ;-)

    No, I didn't get to run on Friday because it was too late by the time I drove to the country in that awful storm.

    I DID manage to run on Saturday though - 23kms through a winter wonderland. Hoping to post pictures and brief reflection on that run soon.