Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ah ha! Moments

I've been having lots of "ah ha" moments lately. You know, those moments when something that's been murky or confusing suddenly becomes crystal clear. Or when your perspective on something or someone changes just enough that you can suddenly see what they're all about.

Like when you see the scared little boy inside the workplace bully.  Or, more positively, when, in a single day, someone holds the bus and then the ferry for you just because it's the nice thing to do and you're reminded there's a whole world full of friendly people out there - and most of them live in Halifax.  Or when your niece tells you she's glad she can count on you and you realize she was actually listening all those times you told her she could. Or when your husband tells you for the umpteenth time this week that he loves you and you realize that you completely and absolutely believe him and are genuinely happy he still does after so many years together.

Thank goodness for such moments. They catapault us into experiencing our lives in whole new ways, opening our eyes and our hearts so that we remember who and what really matters to us.  In addition, they remind us that wisdom and happiness come from being attentive to the details of our lives - to the people and things that make us feel valued and useful, and life seem worthwhile.

So here's to paying attention and savouring every ah ha moment as it comes along.  Keep 'em coming, Universe. This crisis-ridden middle-aged woman needs as many  as she can get.

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