Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rain, rain, go away

It's been a dreary summer weather-wise. To this point, I've been grateful for the cool, damp weather since I'm training to run a marathon in October and moderate temperatures make it a lot easier to run. But even I am beginning to tire of day after day after day of it. It's late July for goodness sake. By this time, it should be sweltering hot and humid in the nation's capital. Instead, we've only had one evening warm and dry enough to sit outside for supper, and the long range forecast is for more of the same.

Looking ahead to the upcoming long weekend, my husband and I were thinking about a romantic jaunt to Montreal for a day or two, but it seems ill-advised in light of the forecast. Probably best to stay close home and plan on visiting the National Gallery and/or taking in a concert at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield. If the sun surprises us and comes out for a few hours we can always hop on our bicycles for a long lazy ride along the river. So long as we promise ourselves we'll ignore all chores and home renovation projects for the duration, it can still be a restful and relaxing weekend.

There you are then. Weather gods, do what you may. We will find a way to enjoy the summer despite you.

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