Monday, May 5, 2014

Cabot Trail Relay: Three weeks to go...and hoping to get there

After a bit of panic last weekend, I'm happy to report that plans for CTR are coming together nicely. I met up with a few of our new team members on Tuesday evening after work and they're a really nice bunch so I'm looking forward to spending a crazy weekend in the mountains with them. Then, on Friday, I managed to find a few more sets of devil horns to round out our costume supplies and last night confirmed runners for two final legs. I have a bit more planning and coordinating to do but pretty soon all that will be left is to hope no one gets sick or injured before the race.

On Saturday afternoon, I joined my friend and teammate, David, for a hilly 17k run along one of my favourite routes. I was a worried  when we headed out because I'd been motorcycling for a couple of hours earlier in the day and was tired and cold by the time I finished, but it didn't take long to warm up once we started running and, as always, I enjoyed David's excellent company and the beautiful scenery along the way.

Riding "Patti" (as I've affectionately dubbed my little red Honda Rebel) felt a lot better than I expected. I was afraid I might have lost confidence during the months she was tucked in the barn but it seems the opposite happened. I find I'm much more comfortable carving down the road than I was last autumn. All I need now is some warmer riding gear so I'm not so cold by the time I get back to the house. 

Saturday's ride took me out to my favourite place in the world, Risser's Beach, where I stopped for a few minutes to savour the view and warm up in the sunshine. I wished I could lie down on the sand and daydream for awhile but had to get back to prepare for my run with David.

I completed two other runs last week - both of which went well. On Tuesday, I ran a quick 6k around the lake and focused on getting my form right and picking up my pace a little. Friday morning, I tackled my second last hill workout and ran a total of 8k. I'd hoped to do another easy 5-8k run yesterday but got side-swiped by a nasty bout of vertigo that kept me motionless in bed most of the day. Fortunately, I felt much better by this morning, though still too woozy to go to the office.

I've only had vertigo once before about ten years ago and I think it lasted 3 or 4 days so I figure I got off pretty lightly this time - though it was still unsettling to say the least. It came on before dawn Sunday morning when I rolled over and was awakened by a strong sense that the room was spinning. I lay there several minutes checking for other symptoms, wondering if it might be a stroke and what I should do if it was. Very quickly my mind moved on to other things - unfinished projects, diary entries I hoped no one would ever read, badly organized office files, and broken relationships I'd like to repair one day.

Though brief, the episode brought two things home to me: First, that I truly have no interest in dying anytime soon. Second, that when I do die, I'd prefer to be much more prepared than I am at the moment.

Which means what exactly? Well, for starters, I need to update my will and dispose of those old diaries.Then, I need to clean out my email boxes, organize my office files and finish or get rid of those unfinished projects. Most importantly, I need to see what I can do about the broken relationships. They're not all reparable but some may be if I make a genuine effort and I'd prefer to go to my grave knowing that I'd done what I could to put things right.  

So - there it is - my homework for the next few months. I'll try to begin working on the easier items this week but most will have to wait until after CTR. In the meantime, I can at least begin plotting strategies. Some will take time to percolate in any case.

And, on that cheerful note, friends, I think it's time I signed off and got a little work done. If this post seems grim, blame it on the dreary weather we've been having lately or the stress of preparing for CTR.  Personally, I think it's a good thing to be reminded of my mortality every once in awhile. After all, this moment...and this...and this...are the only ones we ever truly have so it's important to appreciate and make the most of them. 
“What day is it?"
It's today," squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day," said Pooh.”
― A.A. Milne
“Life is a preparation for the future; and the best preparation for the future is to live as if there were none.”
― Albert Einstein
Happy running and writing!


  1. I've always liked that exchange between Pooh and Piglet. Risser's. Sigh. Can't wait.

  2. As you know, recent events have led me to think largely on mortality. Sometimes, we need that kick in the pants to remind us that our life is 'living' right here, right now! Hope you're feeling better, Janice - and great job on that long run on Saturday :)