Monday, December 2, 2013

The insanity continues: from NaNoWriMo to Christmas

Clearly, weekends should longer. However hard I try, I'm never able to do all I want to do. This past weekend was a case in point. By last night, my "to do list" looked something like this:

Run a short run (5-8k)
Run a long run (14-16k)
Finish planning for open house
Bake phyllo cups for appetizers
Call Janet
Visit sister and her family
Visit Mum and Dad
Read a book
Start Chrismas quilting project
Finish Christmas quilting project
Start Christmas shopping
Write Christmas cards
Go for a photo walk
Go for a motorcyle ride
Store motorbike for the winter
Write blog post
Begin novel revisions
Spend quality time with Husband
Catch up on sleep

I'm glad I crossed a few things off the list but something needs to change. For a recovering type A personality like me, a half-completed list is crazy-making.

Of course, part of the trouble is that my lists are often too long. The other is that I underestimate how long some things (read "quilting projects") will take. I suppose the answer is better planning but that feels like a whole new project and I really don't have the energy to take on another one.


While you're thinking that over, here are a couple of photos from Sunday's run. As you can see, it was a grey dreary day, but it was also still and mild, so perfect for running.

I can't say I'm very impressed with the camera on my new Blackberry but, come to think of it, I haven't checked the settings yet so perhaps it's not the camera's fault. Something else to add to my list.  :-(

On the upside, both my weekend runs - an 8k at tempo run on Saturday and a 14k LSR on Sunday - felt great. The highlight came on Sunday when I spotted a pair of massive bald eagles high in a pine tree near the river. I wish I'd taken a decent picture. They really were spectacular.

Despite my general grumpiness, I seem to have landed on a cheerier note so let me sign off here and get back to work - right after, I strike "write blog post" off my list. ;-)

Happy running and writing, friends.


  1. Yay, I made the list. Boo, I didn't get crossed off!! Holy list-making, Batman - that's insane! I've read two ideas that I really like for list making - one is the 1-3-5 Rule of List Making (only 9 things get put on a day's list, 1 big thing, 3 medium things and 5 little things - this works well if you're going to Eat the Frog First, which is to get the big thing - the most yuckiest thing - off your list first) - then there's the 5 Item rule (5 items go on and only when one gets checked off, does another get added).

    Didn't know if you were around this past weekend - drove past, but there was no car. Hoping to see you on Saturday :)

    1. Excellent suggestions, Janet. Thank you! I'll try them.

      Yes, we were around but the car was in and out of the driveway a fair bit.

      We'll maybe see you Saturday? That's great. You're welcome to come by Sunday too if that works better with your schedule. XX

  2. It saddens me that "Visit bakery for goodies" and "drink more wine" are not on the list. My only consolation is that these might have been internalized in the same way that "breathing" doesn't show up on the list. Maybe another good list addition is "cultivate calmness about list items not yet completed."

    1. You're right, Keith. Wine and baked goods (along with eggnog and caffe latte) are all on a different list of things I never forget to do. You're right too about cultivating calmness. In fact, I meant to meditate or do yoga this weekend. Dang! Something else I forgot! ;-)