Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekly Update: Back in the Groove!


Okay, I still haven't totally committed to attempting a marathon in September but I'm getting closer. When I finally recovered from jetlag last week, running started to feel more natural again and, this past weekend, I ran two strong training runs - 13.5k on Saturday and 8k on Sunday. If my runs continue to feel good in the next week or so, I'll knuckle down and make a plan to train for 42.2k.

I got back into other grooves this week too. I hadn't been on my motorcycle ("Patti") for about six weeks so I got her out of the shed and went for a quick tour of Easter Passage and Cow Bay last evening. Since the weather was so perfect, I decided to take my camera along and stopped a couple of time to take photos along the way.



I'm still struggling to learn how to use my new camera. I almost invariably end up editing more than I'd like because I haven't got the exposure quite right or didn't frame the subject improperly. On the other hand, I find the process of taking and editing photographs incredibly relaxing. As I stood on the shoreline last evening trying to get a clear shot of this paddler, I suddenly realized I was completely "in the moment". I wasn't thinking or worrying about anything - just savouring the beauty of what I was seeing and trying to capture some representation of it.


Which makes me think I should spend more time riding Patti and taking photographs this summer. Hmmm. I wonder how I'm going to do that and train for two big races in the fall.

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