Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The countdown begins...

My marathon is less than two weeks way and I can feel it. Everything is tired - my legs, my head, my heart. Tonight, I did one last 8k tempo run and it hurt. A lot. Which tells me I need to get serious about tapering if I'm to have any chance of running a PB ("personal best" time) in Fredericton on May 12th. For the next 11 days, I plan to run easy, eat well, sleep more than usual (well, try to, at least) and think positive thoughts.

Last night helped in that respect. I was invited to do another "intro to chi running" session at the Bedford Running Room. My audience was a group of newbie runners - all women - keen to learn whatever will make running feel easier. After the session, I joined the group for a slow 5k along the waterfront. It was a large, soft, spring evening and the company was good so I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I'm too exhausted to write more tonight so I'll sign off now, but here's an update on last week's training:

Total distance: 41 kms
Number of runs: 4
Longest run: 17 kms 
Speed training: 1 x 6 kms


  1. Have fun during your marathon! You're over the training hump now, take it easy and let it soak in. Wallow in the taper madness. I've been thinking and getting a Chi refresher. Did it a few years ago and it really helped me.

    1. Thanks, Keith. Will do my best to relax for the next 10 days or so. A refresher's a great idea. I'm hoping to do another (my second) later this summer. There's a lot to learn so I always get something out of it. Hope your running is starting to feel better.

  2. Enjoy the taper, Janice! And don't forget all the other things that have been happening besides training - no wonder you're tired!!

    So glad to hear that you were back at the Running Room - you're becoming a regular there :)

    1. Thanks, Janet. And, your're right. I need to remember that I'm tired for all kinds of reasons.

      It was fun doing another RR session. New runners are always so inspiring - and I think it helps them to hear from someone older and greyer than them that running can feel good. :-)