Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I ran and - guess what - it didn't suck!

Christmas lights on Sullivan's Pond   

A quick post before I sleep so I don't keep my faithful readers in suspense. :-)

Yes, I ran - tonight after work.  Because I'm still recovering, I promised myself I'd only run 4k but it was such a beautiful evening, and it felt so good, and the Christmas lights were so magical that I ran a little over 7k and, even then, didn't feel like stopping. What a gift!

Now, I must sleep - but not before I mention one last thing. The lake. It was perfect - utterly still, its surface reflecting lit windows, streetlights, clouds in the sky above - even the red blinking lights of a small plane flying low on approach to Shearwater Airport.

My favourite view was of two condominium towers located at the far end of the lake. Their reflections on the surface of the water, aglow with Christmas lights, resembled intricate stained glass windows. A perfect image for the season.  I paused for several minutes under star-lit skies to drink them in before turning to retrace my steps towards home.

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