Sunday, November 13, 2011

One of those days...

Actually, more like "one of those weeks - when nothing mechanical seemed to want to work properly. On Monday, my microwave gave up the ghost without warning. Last night, it was a DVD player I got secondhand from a friend. Tonight, a fuse blew in the car which prevented the brakelights from working and I wasn't able to fix it in time to drive Husband to the airport. It was frustrating because it meant an expensive taxi fare and - more importantly - that we lost thirty precious minutes together. (Of course, I could have fixed the fuse IF I'd had a bit more time and IF I'd had a flashlight that worked - but it was dead too. sigh.)

I intended to blog tonight about my two runs this weekend (an 8k and 12.5k) - both of which were spectacular - and how much I enjoyed running along the river and through my favourite park.  But I find I don't feel much like it now so here are a few photos instead.

Looking back across the river towards home

On the way through Peace Park

Peace Park bridge
The view down river

A tempting spot to rest - though I didn't

The last of autumn leaves

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