Saturday, September 17, 2011

A mysterious urge to run

What motivates me to run isn't always clear - even to me.

For example, I didn't intend to run this morning. I'd skipped a scheduled 5k run last evening because I thought I might be coming down with something, then slept restlessly. Although awake a little after 5:00, I stayed in bed, Her Majesty curled by my side, until nearly 7:00.

But, as I sat sipping coffee and gazing out my apartment window at the harbour, I noticed heavy grey clouds scudding across the sky and tree branches heavy with rain being whipped by the wind, and was suddenly overwhelmed by an urge to run. Before I had time to think about it, I'd donned my running gear (including a long-sleeved shirt for the first time in months) and was headed out to run a brisk 6kms around the lake.

I'm not really sure where the urge came from. Perhaps, it was the wind. I've always loved windy days because they remind me of my happy childhood on a beautiful island where the wind blew almost incessantly. The sound of it and feel of it on my skin are energizing and comforting at the same time.

Or perhaps it was as simple as needing to run off the tension of a frantic week and too much thinking. Or a function of my type A determination to run 60+ kilometres this week - whatever else I did.

Wherever it came from, I'm grateful. The fresh air and exercise were exactly what I needed to start a tough day at the end of a demanding week. Here's hoping the urge to run is as strong tomorrow when I'm scheduled to run 34kms!

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