Sunday, October 26, 2008

Then She Found Me

So I've just finished watching Helen Hunt's beautiful film "Then She Found Me". Funny and complicated -- like its characters -- it portrays the joys of love, the pain of betrayal and the transcendant power of foregiveness.

And forgiveness is transcendant, isn't it? Imagine if forgiveness were practiced by every single person on this plant -- if, rather than seeking vengeance, we chose to reach deep inside ourselves to find love, empathy, compassion and forgiveness.

And by forgiveness, I don't mean forgetfulness. It's easy to forgive when we also forget, but so very much harder to forgive when we don't or can't forget.

Another theme of the movie is the central and complicated role of family -- the families we're born to, the families we choose, and the families that choose us. I loved that Hunt's portrayal of family was so complex. The reality is that, even when we deeply love and respect the members of our families, we sometimes hurt and betray and find it nearly impossible to forgive them.

And - really - what hope is there for humankind when we can't forgive even our own families?

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